Monday, September 13, 2010

Biggest FPS tip I think I could give

Any first person shooter has kills and deaths, and everyone gets frustrated with getting more deaths than anticipated (especially on Modern Warfare 2 :), ) but I've found my own way of helping to prevent getting mad and throwing controllers.
If you get mad from dying a lot, don't die! It's better to get 5 kills and no deaths, than 10 kills and 5 deaths and be extremely mad at the game. This means sitting back more, and (oh god, not that word) CAMPING a lot more. But who cares? A game is a game. (Remember, this is in my opinion) and if you're playing a Call of Duty game, don't hesitate to ween off of stopping power. It makes it easier if you do use it again, and you can try out the advantages of other perks. Cold blooded, camouflage, UAV jammer will be your best friends at times.

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