Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I'm sorry it's been so long since I've made a new post, I've been busy, ill, tired, you know the drill. But today's tip is for any game you'll ever play. Actually I might have already posted about this.. I dunno, but I'll go deeper into it with more examples.

So many games out there have a money system.. probably because it wouldn't make much sense to not. (Heh could you imagine a game with no money, just items to trade? I can see people finding the most common stackable item and using it as money xD) GETTING OFF TOPIC HERE.. in EVERY mmorpg there are always people who ask how to make money, and I know the best tip you can tell anyone that applies to any game. Don't waste your freaking money, and play conservatively. Be a scavenger. Say a game uses gold coins as a money system, how rare, and you see 2 coins on the ground. WHAT DO YOU DO? YOU TAKE 'EM! 2 > 0, and your poor self needs to have more than you have now, and those 2 coins will help you in that journey. It might be (dare I say) a noob thing to do in your game of choice, but who cares. It's not like anyone calling you a noob and being serious about it is your friend or anything, and if they are, well then.. I'll be your friend. ^-^

This post seems kind of informal, but who cares. As always, have nice day.